Stand Alone Systems standalone labeling

Smart Standalone Labeling

Why Standalone?

Label Direct for SOLO is a powerful professional label design and print software which also builds standalone system.
Standalone printing is an appropriate solution for applications across many industries.

A wide variety of standalone system configurations can be accommodated such as Printer connected to:
1. Scanner
2. Keyboardscan and print, print scan, barcode solutions, barcode print options
3. Keyboard and scanner
4. Android Wireless
5. Legacy system emulation
6. Integrated Keyboard (Coming soon)
7. Alien system or PLC
8. Weigh scales
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BARCODE SOLUTIONS LTD now offer this second generation powerful and easy to use product for label printing without a PC.
SOLO is a unique package allowing simple or sophisticated labels to be designed on a PC and instantly transferred to the smart printer for simple to operate PC independent printing.


  • Very simple for any operator to use
  • Little or no training required
  • No PC in production area


  • Robust construction for industrial use
  • Resistant against dust and spillages


  • Direct printing performance
  • No delay waiting for a PC to start up
  • No delay waiting for printer driver


  • Label format cannot be changed
  • No access to internet , network or PC settings
  • Not as likely to be stolen as a laptop or PC


  • Takes up less space
  • No mouse PC or monitor
  • Minimal cabling and power