As a global provider of automatic identification and data capture technologies, Unitech manufactures a wide range of rugged tablets, mobile computers, scanners, RFID readers, fixed mount terminals and solution ready designs. Unitech products bring value to various industries and environments such as: retail, hospitality, healthcare, sales automation, field service, warehousing, logistics and manufacturing.

Unitech mobile computers and terminalsunitech rfid

Each of their models provides a unique value offering due to the ideal mix between applications, performance and usability. Unitech delivers “out-of-the-box” integrated terminals and handheld solutions, including a program development suit, allowing users to easily develop their own applications. No matter what you are looking for, Unitech can provide you with the right solution for every specific demand. Their portfolio is ranging from appealing, small and lightweight to more heavy duty terminals ideal for humid and dusty environments. Choose the product that is right for you by selecting from different operating systems, barcode scanning and/or RFID reader configurations and robustness.

Unitech barcode scannersunitech scanner

Unitech has developed different types of scanners to provide the best barcode reading performance by supporting all common 1D and 2D symbologies. Whether you are looking for a scanner or stripe reader that seamlessly integrate with your current POS, durable constructed scanners for document tracking or a scanner dedicated for the healthcare market. Choose the product that fits best in terms of costs or specification. Unitech provides you with the right solution for every specific demand.

Their scanners are built for precision and business profitability through their snappy scanning performance, ergonomic form-factor and impressive reliability. Featuring easy configuration, auto-discrimination, multiple interface options, and data-editing functionality, Unitech satisfies customer needs with up-to-date wireless and data-collection technologies.

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