With the most efficient and accurate solution on the market, you
can handle inventory reception, put-away, picking and inventory.
Easy and quick deployment allows up to a few months of payback
time for your investment! How to use this arm-wearable
solution can be learned in an hour and it is suitable for almost all
warehouse tasks regardless of the industry – from receiving incoming
goods to internal transfers.


  • Reception
    • Deviation handling
    • Lot and serial numbers
  • Put-Away
    • Dynamic bin control
  • Picking
    • Picking by units or weight
    • Multi-customer batch picking
    • Automatic transport ordering
  • Internal transfer
    • Product search
  • Inventory
    • Annual inventory
    • Continuous inventory
  • Management
    • Merging picking tasks
    • Product images
    • Multimodal use
    • Optimization
    • Warehouse area management
    • Real-time status update
    • Task management and priorization
    • Employee management
    • Reporting