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Carl Valentine

cv logoThe label printing systems of Carl Valentin GmbH are the result of a sophisticated construction and an innovative production with the highest demands in quality.

Carl Valentine provide a full range of products to Barcode Solutions Ltd from their standard label printer, the Micra, to their impressive DUOPRINT (pictured below) offering simultaneous 2 colour Thermal Ribbon Printing.



The DuoPrint provides the ideal solution in which labels as well as textiles and plastics can be printed in two colours with one working process.The user can select from a multitude of colour combinations: A large selection of coloured transfer ribbons ensures qualitative high grade and sharp printing for all applications.

A current application of the DuoPrint is the implementation of the requirements for the new classification and labelling guideline for chemicals in accordance with GHS. Of course, two colour printing of special warning and information labels as well as pricing labels and the further printing of corporate logos and trademarks in colour are possible without difficulty.

They also provide Ribbons, Touch Screens and Print Engines. For more information and pricing please contact us or request a quote.