The new CAT-4 Heavy-Duty Label Rewinders

The new CAT-4 will gradually replace the CAT-3 but the tension arm option will not be available on the CAT-4. For applications where the tension arm is required, the CAT-3-TA will remain available.

The CAT-4 is similar to the CAT-3. The main aim of the CAT-4 is to provide a rewinder requiring no tension arm. The CAT-4 can be controlled by the printer through the external control input. More and more printers offer the required signal as a standard feature where before the addition of an expensive I/O board was necessary. Ideally, the printer should activate the rewinder only when printing or feeding forward.

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Product Description

The CAT-4 has a versatile control input that will accept open collector or voltage 0 to 12V max., high or low active, jumper selected on main board. The connection is made using a 3.5mm mono jack.

The CAT-4 as an optional adjustable Start Delay to allow the printer to execute back-feed without resistance from the rewinder.

The CAT-4 has a 3-position torque switch (compared to 2 on the CAT-3). Together with the speed adjustment, it allows the user to control the tightness of the rewound rolls.

The absence of a tension arm allows better rewound rolls and increases the overall reliability of the rewinder.

The CAT-4-STANDARD handles labels up to 155 mm wide and will wind a roll of labels up to a 300 mm diameter. Torque and Direction are fully controllable from the Control Panel. Triple torque ranges provide plenty of power for use with a LABELMATE Slitter, too.

For wider labels up to 255 mm (10”), choose the CAT-4-10-INCHES.

Model CAT-4-ACH includes an Adjustable Core Holder that accepts any core size from 25 mm to 101 mm in diameter and up to 155 mm in width

The optional Adjustable Paper Guide APG-CAT with movable arm can be installed in minutes on the base of the CAT-4-ACH or CHUCK.

The CAT-4-CHUCK includes LABELMATE’s durable “Quick-Chuck”tm quick-locking Core Chuck, permitting the fastest loading and unloading of cores and label rolls. The CAT-4-CHUCK is ideal for label slitting applications, high-volume production environments, or anywhere the ultimate convenience in Rewinders is desired. The CAT-4-CHUCK is available for 38-, 40-, 44-, 70, 76- and 100 mm cores.

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