The MINI-CAT (MC) Label Rewinders are the world’s most popular low-price Label Rewinders. They are capable of rewinding label rolls up to 125mm wide (115 mm for MC-11), up to 220 mm in diameter at speeds up to 50 cm/sec.The MC-10 has a 76 mm diameter core holder. You can also use the included “coreless rewind” feature to rewind directly on-shaft.The MC-11 includes a precision-crafted Adjustable Core Holder that adjusts in seconds to accept any core diameter from 25- to 101-mm.

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Product Description

Both MINI-CATs use LABELMATE’s proprietary Constant Adjustable TorqueT (“CAT”) technology to achieve impressive, reliable performance at an unprecedented low price.A special motor, designed specifically for the MINI-CATs, offers bi-directional operation and trouble-free performance. A switch (on the power supply) conveniently controls the amount of rewind force.No awkward troublesome belts or clutches are used and no speed adjustments are required.

The MINI-CAT automatically adjusts to any printer speed up to 50 cm/sec and even allows label back-feeding automatically if your printer requires it.

The MINI-CATs have an inner label flange to keep the edge of the label web aligned as the labels are being rewound. Also available is an optional Adjustable Paper Guide (APG-MC) that mounts directly to the MC-10 or MC-11 base plate and guides the outer edge of the labels.

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