When the printer forwards the media for printing, the tension arm goes down, the All-in-One Rewinds the media.
When the tension arm is in the middle position, the device is idle.
When the printer pulls back the media, the tension arm goes up, the All-In-One unwinds it.

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Product Description

When the roll of labels runs out, the all-in-one unwinder stops by uttering an acoustic signal.
The obtained roll of labels will have the labels face out only.

All-In-One Label Rewinder Series is available in different versions and every model is marked by its own code. Through the configuration table below, it is possible to select the version better fitting your needs and to obtain the code of the product to order.

The support can be added later on. On the 210mm label width the support is required whereas on the 160mm the support is suggested; If the unit is equipped with support, the core holder is adjustable from 46mm up to 118mm.

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