The AIOPRIM Label Rewinder makes it easy to rewind large quantities of labels. It is perfect for use with Primera’s entire line of LX –Series Label Printers and especially LX900/LX2000. The AIOPRIM can rewind rolls up to 250mm diameter and 220mm wide.

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Product Description

The feet of the printer should set anywhere on the lower portion of the stand. Line up the edge of the labels exiting the printer with the fixed label guide on the rewinder by moving the printer from side to side. The distance from the printer output to core is adjustable according to user preference. Electronic and mechanical features: an external power supply 100/240VAC – 2.5A at 24V allows an electronic circuit to provide, through the tension arm, the adjustment of the rotation speed and rotation direction.

A 2A fuse is used as protection. The rewinder has two types of speed adjustments: it is possible to set the main speed through a knob and the tension arm automatically adjusts the speed from zero up to the desired speed. When the roll runs out, the device stops and beeps.

During normal operation the following will occur. When the dancer arm is in a central position, the unit is idle; when the dancer arm is down, the unit rewinds the labels onto the core; when the tension arm is up, the unit unwinds the labels.

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